[Chinese] New year’s resolution

My mood:happy.png Happy

For those haven’t make a resolution yet, this is your second chance to do so. Lol . Sorry, this chance only for chinese only.I didn’t make any resolution for new year but I think i should make a new year resolution now, right? Ya i know this kinda of weird, but it is better late than never, don’t you think so?

Ok.. Enough of my crap… Here is my list of my resolution

#1 – Practice healthy lifestyles. [need to sleep earlier, exercise more]
#2 – Learn how to manage my finanical by learning accounting , finanical & investment [i will graduate soon and need to save money for future, buy house and etc.]
#3 – Find a career that pay decently and offer a lot career advancement. [so that i can retire earlier :P]

Hope i can achieve my resolution ASAP. This is not going to be easy but i will try my best to achieve it.So, how about your’s resolution?Can share with me :)? That’s all for today entry. See u soon. Adieu.


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