Nana Mizuki – Starcamp EP

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She is one of singer in japan that i like very much. Nana mizuki has a great amount of power and strength in her singing voice. .The first songs of her that i listen is Innocent Starter. I love this song very much and put it as my phone ringtone.


1) Astrogation
3)Dancing in the velvet moon

Besides she have a beautiful voice, she also have very pretty face :). Although she is not as famous as utaka hikaru, yui and other superstars but i think she got the quality of the superstar that even other famous singer doesn’t have.

You can download here


You can buy here


2 thoughts on “Nana Mizuki – Starcamp EP

  1. she’s also a fantastic seiyuu – she does all sorts of great characters, including fate from Nanoha, moka from rosario+vampire, & hinata from naruto o.O

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