Fan made Lucky Star Opening Song

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Lucky Star’s story portrays the lives of several girls attending a Japanese high school named Ryōō with a very loose sense of humor. The setting is mainly based on the city of Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture.The main character is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club and has low grades. Her laziness at school is due to her love for anime and video games and lack of interest in anything else.

Since the release of Lucky Star (last year), there a lot of fans want to try to do lucky star dance. I found 2 of them in youtube and both of them is very hilarious. It really give me good laugh. Watch it and you will know how hilarious this fan made lucky star opening song



True Man Version


Fat loli version

In case you are looking for full dance

Lucky Star is kind of hilarious, full of cuteness and moe factor show. It can be entertain as well too. Even now, lucky star is still remain one of my favourite anime all time.


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