My heart draws a dream

I am very delight and happy to see a new malaysia have just born. Most of malaysian that live in urban areas just wake up from their nightmare. I am glad to be a part of it to make a change. This is my first time to vote but i never expected this kind of surprise.

Even though BN play a dirty trick , they never expected selangor, KL, penang, kedah, perak and kelantan fall into the hand of opposition. I hope the BN will learn their lesson šŸ˜›

Beside that, i want to say happy birthday to Samy Vellu. You can retired now and no need to worry about country. I would like to express my feeling of mine though this song “My heart draws a dream” by L’arc~en~ciel. I think i cannot sleep well this few days because too happy to see a new born malaysia :)!!!


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