Hitomi shimatani – Nakitai Nara


It is take a lot of time for the song start in this hitomi shimatani pv. If i not mistaken,in this pv , a girl writing a letter to a guy which that guy is his brother telling him about something. And she also stated that this is the last letter she written to him. The much of content of the letter i not quite sure (cannot understand with my half-ass japanese). The song is quite good, the music quite nice and the vocal is above average. Quite a good, enjoying pv and music.


1. 泣きたいなら Nakitai Nara (If I Want to Cry)
2.口づけしよう Kuchizuke Shiyou (Let’s Kiss)
3.Nakitai Nara (Instrumental)
4.Kuchizuke Shiyou (Instrumental)

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3 thoughts on “Hitomi shimatani – Nakitai Nara

  1. Actually, the song is about a girl with a heart condition. The man she loves marries her, knowing that she will never be able to have children. She does get pregnant, but hides it from her husband. This letter is her last one to him because she is beginning to go into labor, and she realizes she will die in childbirth. She tells him “if you cry, it’s okay” and that she is confident that he will survive and walk hand in hand with their child because he has made her life so beautiful. It is a lovely song.

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