Otsuka Ai – Rocket Sneaker / One × Time


Otsuka ai , one of my favorite J-Pop artist has release Rocket Sneaker/One x Time yesterday. This single will be her first single that released in 2008. I have been waiting for her new single for few months. I think this single is good. The style of this song is very nice although i still prefer her sad love song like Pocket, Kingyo Hanabi, Renai Shashin. It really worth to listen to this single and i would like to recommend it to anyone looking for J-Pop.

1.Rocket Sneaker
2.One × Time
3.Sora to Kujira
4.Rocket Sneaker (Instrumental)
5.One × Time (Instrumental)

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Utada Hikaru – Prisoner of Love


It has been a long time since i post anything at here. Recently, i have been busy with my life. But still, i haven’t lost my passion of J-Music. I still in love with them.

Utada Hikaru just release a new single which is “Prisoner of Love” yesterday. Prisoner of Love is another great song that have been produced by Utada Hikaru. If you are Utada Hikaru fans, i am sure u not gonna miss to listen to this great song.

1.Prisoner of Love
2.Prisoner of Love (Quiet Version)
3.Prisoner Of Love (Original Karaoke)
4.Prisoner Of Love (Quiet Version – Original Karaoke)

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Ayaka – Okaeri


I kinda busy this month since i haven’t pass up my thesis yet. Sigh. I hope i can share a lot more of J-music after this.

Slowly, i been falling in love with Ayaka’s song. The more i listen to her’s song, the more i like her song. I think she getting better and better each year. Hope she can be a superstar in the future. I highly recommend you to listen to this song. This song is great and amazing with her superb voice.

3)Te o Tsunago
4)Okaeri (Instrumental)
5)Meiro (Instrumental)

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mihimaru GT – Girigiri Hero


Girigiri Hero is a theme song for a movie called “Shaolin Girl”. According to wikipedia, Shaolin Girl is the upcoming sequel to the hit 2001 Hong Kong film, Shaolin Soccer. Stephen Chow, director and star in Shaolin Soccer is said to only be involved in the project as a consultant.

Since the pv of this song have been released, i have been watching and listening to this pv for at least 10 times. The song is catchy , extremely good and very suit for this movie. Inside the pv, u can see the some preview about the movie. The effect of the graphic is very very very good. I would like to see GSC or TGV put it in the theater soon.

Tracklist ::
1)ギリギリHERO (girigiri Hero)
2)恋する気持ち -acoustic ver-
5)恋する気持ち -acoustic ver- (Instrumental)
6)BOW WOW SYSTEM GO (Instrumental)

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