Otsuka Ai – Rocket Sneaker / One × Time


Otsuka ai , one of my favorite J-Pop artist has release Rocket Sneaker/One x Time yesterday. This single will be her first single that released in 2008. I have been waiting for her new single for few months. I think this single is good. The style of this song is very nice although i still prefer her sad love song like Pocket, Kingyo Hanabi, Renai Shashin. It really worth to listen to this single and i would like to recommend it to anyone looking for J-Pop.

1.Rocket Sneaker
2.One × Time
3.Sora to Kujira
4.Rocket Sneaker (Instrumental)
5.One × Time (Instrumental)

Click here to download


2 thoughts on “Otsuka Ai – Rocket Sneaker / One × Time

  1. THANK YOU ~(hug)
    ロケットスニーカー is a very cute song and it makes me feel happy~
    thank you for sharind this!! : )

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