Natsume Yuujinchou (Ep02)


The more i watch this anime, the more i fall in love with this series. There are a lot of different kind of story about the youkai that “captured” by Reiko. Some of them very touching. For example, the story in this episode which are about the interaction between Dew god with Miss Hana and Dew God and Takashi is very touching. I almost cry while watching this episode.
The relationship between Madara (the fortune cat) and Takashi is also very interesting. At first, it look like Madara just want to stay by Takashi’s side in order to get that Book of Friends whenever he have the chance. But, he didn’t do so when he had a chance. Instead, he advised Takashi to stay on guard even in sleep. At this moment, Madara look more like a guardian and sensei at the same time, to safeguard his life and teach him more about Youkai world.
Looking at the next preview, they gonna introduce a new character who also have the ability to see the Youkai too.

P/S: For the moment, i don’t feel like to write a summary since i kinda of lazy and i still unable to watch the anime without subtitles.


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