Gundam 00 Second Season – 01

Mood: impressed

Amazing start for Gundam 00 second season. It can’t be any better than this.  This anime will going to the best anime for fall season.  There are still a lot of room for story and character development. IMHO, i still prefer gundam 00 than Clannad because of the complexity, better plot as well as better animation.

The story begins a lot of faster than first season. Setsuna and Exia is back although Exia later being destroyed by A-LAWS mobile suits. Seravee ( a new gundam) has be introduced in this episode which is piloted by Tieria. Fighting scenes are fluid, flawless and awesome. It is look very promising so far and going to outpace Season 1, Code geass R2 and Macross Frontier.

For now, there a lot of questions need to be answer. How Saji Crossroad going to contribute for Celestial Being? How Saji Crossroad going to save Louise? Will Lyle Dylandy (Neil Dylandy) able to pilot as good as his twin brother? Who and how they going to save Allelujah from prison? What Celestial Being can do for now? Will and how much Sunrise going to reveal more about Allelujah, Setsuna, and Tieria past? Only time will tell.


Clannad ~After Story~ – 01

Mood: cheerful

One word to describe the first episode of clannad: excellent! I’m enjoying every minutes of this episode of Clannad. It is turn to be better than i expected overall. But i still prefer the previous opening and ending theme than the current ones.  In term of production, Kyoto animation done a very great job as usual.

In summary, we can the most of the cast participate in baseball games. We can see more and more of Sunohara’s idiotic acts and how easily he can being manipulated by Okazaki. LOL. I would like to see Yoshino Yusuke(voice actor:Hikaru Midorikawa) getting more screening time in the future. I enjoy watching him try to act cool, giving some kind motivation speech in the field while he was running to first base (kinda of remind me of Judas in Tales of Destiny).

So far, this is most promising anime series in Fall 2008 after i have watched Hyakko & Toradora.  If you haven’t watch this series yet, why do you give a try? Maybe you would like it as well

Toradora! – 01 (First impressions)

Mood: curious

Overall, this first episode turned out to be quite ok with me. The animation, the voice, music, and character design are look very fine to me. One thing that didn’t up to my expectation is the plot itself.  I taught the plot will going be very interesting and going to be deep but it turned to be light-hearted, typical romance comedy high school anime. But at least , it is a lot better than Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret (very boring storyline and not my cup of tea).

I would like to try few more episodes before i decide to follow this series to the end. Hope the storyline of this anime will getting better and better.

P/S:If you would like to know more about Toradora!, check it out at here and here as well for more information and better toradora review.