80% of Seiyū Take Part-Time Jobs to Make Ends Meet


Yukana as C.C. (code geass), Testarossa (Full Metal Panic!), Tear(Tales of Abyss), Tenko Kuugen (Wagaya no Oinari-sama)

Ameba News posted the first part of an interview with Shōmu Shirogane, who is a seiyū (voice actor), a narrator, and the president of the Winner Entertainment voice-acting management agency. According to Shirogane, there are about 1,600 people who work as seiyū in Japan. Of that number, about 10% work full-time as freelancing seiyū. However, 80% cannot make ends meet with their voice-acting assignments alone, and have to take on part-time jobs elsewhere. The remainder including actors, idols, and media talents who perform in other fields. Another 80,000 are said to be potential seiyū and people who are applying to be seiyū.



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