Asian Kung-Fu Generation – World World World


It is only a month since Asian Kung-Fu Generation release their latest single (Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu),yesterday they just release an album(world world world). Quite impressive to see them release their album that fast.

In this album, there are about 10 new songs and 3 “old” songs which in their previous single.AKG include also “After Dark” which is the 7th opening for the anime, Bleach. Among those new songs, i found that Atarashii Sekai is the best. It is really worth to spend some time to listen all the song in this album.


1) World world world (ワールド ワールド ワールド)
2) After Dark(
3) 旅立つ君へ
4) ネオテニー
5) トラベログ
6) No.9
7) ナイトダイビング
8. ライカ
9) 惑星
Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu (転がる岩、君に朝が降る)
11) ワールド ワールド
Aru Machi no Gunjō (或る街の群青)
Atarashii Sekai (新しい世界)

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Asian Kung-fu Generation – Korogaru Iwa Kimi Ni Asa Ga Furu


It has been very very long since i listen to Asian Kung-fu Generation‘s song since few years ago back. The last song i listen is Rewrite. Masafumi Goto, the lead vocalist has a very unique sound than other singers that i heard before. Asian Kung-fu Generation really is a solid rock band.


1. Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu (転がる岩、君に朝が降る)
2. Enoshima Esker

The cover of the single is kinda of weird, unattractive. At first i taught it maybe is a joke
but the cover is really like that. Anyways, other than that there are nothing more to complain about.

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