Utada Hikaru – Prisoner of Love


It has been a long time since i post anything at here. Recently, i have been busy with my life. But still, i haven’t lost my passion of J-Music. I still in love with them.

Utada Hikaru just release a new single which is “Prisoner of Love” yesterday. Prisoner of Love is another great song that have been produced by Utada Hikaru. If you are Utada Hikaru fans, i am sure u not gonna miss to listen to this great song.

1.Prisoner of Love
2.Prisoner of Love (Quiet Version)
3.Prisoner Of Love (Original Karaoke)
4.Prisoner Of Love (Quiet Version – Original Karaoke)

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Utada Hikaru – Heart Station/Stay Gold

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Utada Hikaru or also known as Hikki has just release a single called Heart Station/Stay Gold. Heart Station is another great song and workpiece by her. Not only that , her another song is also great (stay song) . Overall heart station song is better than stay gold but i personally like stay gold’s pv than heart station.


1)Heart Station
2)Stay Gold
3)Heart Station -Original Karaoke-
4)Stay Gold -Original Karaoke-
Heart Station

Stay Gold

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