The Tower of DRUAGA -the Sword of URUK-


The Tower of Druaga – the sword of Uruk- Episode 1(with softsubs)

To the Tower of Druaga fans,  you now can watch tower of druaga season 2 for free at Crunchyroll (stream video).  Not only that, you can watch this series in HQ (high quality) and it is loads quite fast compare to first season (for the first season of tower of druaga i have to wait for hours before i can watch.) Now i can watch without any pause and lagging. What are u waiting? Go and watch the series here.

P/S: I miss Fatina (Horie Yui)  a lot. Glad to see the relationship between Fatina and Jil is getting better now although it is not going to last. It is great to able to watch Tower of Druaga again for free. Thanks Gonzo and Crunchyroll!!